Boeing Wins Hearts And Minds With New Mascot 'Boing-Boing The Mischievous Door'

ARLINGTON, VA — In an effort to bounce back from negative press, Boeing announced a new mascot named ‘Boing-Boing The Mischievous Door.’ Boing-Boing has been met with overwhelming support on the Internet.

On Sunday, Boeing tweeted an image of an anthropomorphic door with the caption, “Hey there, frequent flyers: What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? Nope! …Well, it’s part of a plane. Meet Boing-Boing The Mischievous Door!!”

The anthropomorphic door sports a backwards baseball cap, red sneakers, and a devious grin. He can be seen rubbing a pair of white gloves together, or flashing “747” gang signs.

“This little guy is a little off the hinges,” the tweet continued. The post was met with overwhelming support, and merchandise featuring Boing-Boing quickly sold out.

“He’s so adorable. I would die for Boing-Boing,” one tweet stated. “I would not, but I can understand why someone would,” said another.

Although reactions were largely positive, some were confused by the choice of Boing-Boing being a door. “Doors are not the future of flying. If anything, Boeing has demonstrated we don’t need doors on planes.”