Ethicist: Does Kate Middleton Deserve the Right to Privacy? No LOL Next Question

Given the recent disappearance and reappearance of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, many readers have reached out to the Ethicist with similar questions:

Should we respect Kate Middleton’s unambiguous efforts to avoid the limelight?

Is it wrong for so many chronically online adults to know or care this much about another woman’s private life?

Is Kate Middleton a human being worthy of respect?

After little thought, the answer to each of these questions is no lmfaoo.

For starters, Kate Middleton is a princess, which means she is entitled to scrutiny. Moreover, as an empath, I can confidently say that I would be into it if I were her.

Your obsession with her is healthy and says nothing about the drab discontentment of your own life. As the Times’ resident Ethicist, it’s my job to learn about other people’s problems, talk about them publicly, and add my own thoughts. If putting Kate Middleton under the microscope is wrong, then is my job also morally dubious? No, and you are a bad person for thinking that.

Please join the Ethicist next week when I help a man who could save five people from being hit by a trolley if and only if he pushes his mother off a bridge. (Hint: full send!)