Modern-day Feminism: Forever 21 Tells Sweatshop Workers to Make Larger Pockets in Women’s Pants

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – In honor of the end of Women’s History Month, Forever 21 announced its new PR campaign, which involves instructing its sweatshop workers to increase the pocket size of women’s pants by 25%. To account for the extra material dedicated to making larger pockets, Forever 21 also stated that they will decrease the waist size of all women’s pants by a factor of three.

The company, which has been a long-time supporter of women’s rights, and by extension, human rights, felt that larger pockets would help women feel more empowered in their day-to-day lives. “Nothing makes me feel more like a girlboss than sticking my hand in a male-sized pocket sewn by child-sized hands,” Forever 21 Head of Social Impact told reporters on Monday.

Despite the strong message behind the campaign, the apparel company’s announcement was met with some controversy. “Why do women need larger pockets?” a random male spectator asked. Forever 21’s CEO noted that the answer was clear: to hold their “lipstick, tampons, and pink guns.”

Other clothing companies have been quick to follow Forever 21’s example, launching their own social justice campaigns. Shein announced on Tuesday that it will be extending its workers’ hours to generate a new line of one-wear t-shirts made in anticipation of this year’s Earth Day celebrations. All this good just goes to show that when corporations enact actionable change, it makes a real difference.