Op-ed: Gen Z Cannot Be ‘Caught Lacking’ At The Polls

As the nation heads into the 2024 presidential election, the Times conducted a study on polling patterns in recent races. Here are the results:

- Your parents, grandparents, and old heads in general: 90% of the vote
- Voting activists at your NESCAC liberal arts college: 10% of the vote
- Generation Z: “too based to vote at all”

Gen Z: While you may think it’s on fleek and red-pilled to stay home on Tik Tok, sticking it to the man with an apathetic “the whole countries gone to shit, man” doesn’t actually make the country any less shit. In fact, that entire statement is mad cap. I’ll admit that Trump guy was a little cheugy, but America lowkey had a huge post-Covid glow up when Biden got elected, and we should try to keep things bussin’ like that.

This November, do the right thing: grab your digi and snap some early-2000s-retro-type pics at the polls. Who knows, If you live in one of the three states where voting matters, you could actually make a difference.