fuck it: lowercase article

new york — i’m too tired to hit the shift key this morning.

that’s right bitches, throw away your strunk & white elements of style. this journalist is going rogue.

the first rule they teach you in journalism school is that great news always begins with a capital letter. well, sometimes when you know the rules, you earn the right to break the rules. i learned that rule, and i think it’s stupid. some of the worst articles in history begin with capital letters, like the one about world war ii happening.

the possibilities for lowercase journalism are endless. if u think about it, lowercase newspapers would be more cost effective. they use less ink, and u can fit more words on the page. lowercase news would also sell more because it catches ur eye because its not like regular news. idk, just thinking out loud. siri are u getting all this

here’s my opinion: it’s the editors job to capitalize the article. i should be able to hand in my draft, dots on all my i’s and j’s, crosses on all my t’s, and they should do the dirty work of capitalizing everything. capitalizing is actually quite a time sink if you aren’t enough of an egghead to do it while u write.

hopefully, we can normalize lowercase articles. or not. idgaf.