Five Stock Tips That Would Have Been Great Yesterday

History is life’s greatest teacher. That’s why in today’s financial advice column, we’re revealing five essential stock tips that would have been great yesterday.

1. You can sell your stocks for cash: This one might seem fairly obvious, but people often forget it. Just as quickly as one can exchange money for equity in a company, they can get that money back. If you find yourself strapped for cash, it just might be time to start selling those stocks, which again, can be traded for cash!

2. Sell a stock at a price higher than the one at which you bought it: Generally speaking, it is good to come out of a transaction better off than when you entered a transaction. That cash is yours! Why waste it on some silly stock? Unless, of course, that stock is going to earn you more cash.

3. Buy Apple: Just generally a good strategy. People need computers. The internet is becoming more accessible and more desirable on account of the uptick in movies to pirate, so it would be a good time to buy in. And when the computers ultimately take over the world, you’ll be in for a big payday.

4. Sell Apple: Down 40 points today. Just would’ve been good to get this one out of your portfolio before the downturn.

5. Invest in financial advisors: The only thing better than having an article that can tell you what you should’ve done yesterday is to have someone who can tell you what to do tomorrow.